Using XIbo as remote display for POS

Hello Everyone,
I have POS system and am making second display but i want the second display to run ads and show the total on the POS. I want to used XIBO to run ads and show the check out total to the customer at the same time. Any one evey done this before or would like to take part in the development?

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It is hard to provide a definite solution to your question but a possibility would be to take advantage of the Embedded Widget in Xibo, so that it can display a webpage from your POS system that would contain the checkout information you want to display on the screen. The ads you wish to show could then be added to their own Regions in your Layout, allowing you to show both the ads and the checkout information.

I would recommend reading the documentation for your POS system to see how you could provide a small webpage with the information that you wish to show on the second screen. You may find adding an ajax-based refresh to that page would allow you to keep the information up to date on screen. Once you know how to do that and if your POS system supports this, you can begin testing it with your Xibo Player.

I hope you are able to find a solution to your setup query, if you are successful it would be great if you could share your experience with the Xibo Community, that is of course up to you though.

Many Thanks.

Thank you.
The POS Solution i make mention to is develop by our company. we have second display solution with ads and want to move to a more robust solution. the idea am looking at is to integrate the POS data into the XIBO display by doing split screen. I will for sure share my project with community when am finish.

I use a similar technic when I dev for my clients. I utilize a XML that data gets parsed to a .swf file that is loaded on the xibo. the monitor is split up for “promotions” (big container" under that I have a “informational container” and to the right is the “check out” amount that gets displayed. there is only one .swf file in the playlist & the file always looks for a an updated xml that gets triggered by the “sale” then displays the message & amount that is purchased.

This is very good.
Are you willing to share, will you work with me on my project at a cost?

are you still looking

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