Using Dynamic Data Source As Text

Hello all
I would like to add a text input to my layout, and I want the text to take its index from an Excel File automatically.
For example, I will create an Excel file having birthday dates for each employee in the company. I want my layout to take the name of the employee for the particular date and represent as a text.

I appreciate your help

I think it might be easier to create a dataset in Xibo for that purpose.

So pretty much like this topic - Using DataSets to display Birthday

With one edit, we do now have ‘A message to display when no data is returned from the source’ on advanced tab of a ticker so it is better now.

Looks great! Thanks, it really helps.
Quick question. For example, should I type anything inside the parantheses next to NOW () ??
And where can I find all formats we use for DataSet?

No, NOW() is a mysql function that will return current day and time -

You should probably be looking at my second post in that topic ie Using DataSets to display Birthday - #4 by Peter

It will make more sense to do that this way.

ie in dataset you’d have columns like: (for example)
Birthday - with date (only year-month-day will suffice)
Name - you’d put your employee name there

In ticker appearance tab you put the Name
and in filter DAY(Birthday) = DAY(CURDATE()) AND MONTH(Birthday) = MONTH(CURDATE())
On advanced tab under ‘A message to display when no data is returned from the source’ you’d put some text saying that today there are no birthdays

Ok I did it that way. Now what should I write to the Appearance Tab? I want to see the name of the employee, and the names are shown under the column named “Name”. It has the order 3. So should I type [Name|3]?

Probably, there should be ‘Substitutions’ and you can double click on ‘Name’ to add it to the text field

It works Peter! Thanks a lot!

Is there a source that I can see all mysql functions?