Users Can't see each other's content

I tried to find a thread about this but couldn’t, my apologies if it’s already been asked.

I have to users with identical permissions. But when one of them creates a layout or region within that layout, the other can’t see any of the content. They can get in to the layout, but the regions always appear blank. they can add a region or content to the timeline and see that, but they can’t see the content other user created.

If they click on the region, it will show that the content is there in the timeline editor. This is also true for previewing the layout. Content won’t show up unless they are the user that put it there.

I have attempted cascading permissions and applying permissions manually to no avail.

Any help would be super appreciated.

Thank you!

I have been trying to replicate the issue you’re experiencing but have so far had no issue with 2 Users being able to View, Edit and Delete a Layout and all elements included within it when those Permissions have been set.

To mimic your setup, I created a simple Layout. Next I created 2 Standard Users and gave them both Permission to View, Edit and Delete the Layout. Before saving, I ticked the “Cascade Permissions” box you referred to.

When Logging in as User A and B, both were able to View, Edit and Delete all elements of the Layout. I also added an Image Widget whilst logged in as User A, which I was able to View and Edit in the User B profile.

I also created a Layout with User A, then logged on as an Admin and gave View, Edit and Delete Permissions to the Layout for both User A and B, once again cascading the permissions before saving. When I logged in as User B, I was once again able to see and modify all elements of the Layout and Widgets within it (Image and Text widgets were used).

I was also able to Preview the Layouts in my CMS.

Are there any elements of my tests that do not accurately represent what you are trying to achieve? If so, please talk me through, step by step how the Layout is being created (which account), how you are applying the Permissions for the Layout and what you then do when logging in as the other User.

For reference, I am using version 1.8.12 of the CMS. Which version are you using? Can you also confirm the Permissions and Page Security settings for those Users?

Many Thanks.

Thank you Daniel,

Your steps are pretty identical to what I did. The only difference is I’m on 1.8.1

My page security for the two users are - Campaigns, Dashboard, Displays, Help Links, Home, Layout, Library, Media Dashboard, Playlist, Preview, Regions, Resolutions, Schedule, Status Dashboard, and Users

Thanks for confirming that the test was along the right lines. The Page security settings you used are also very similar to mine, however I did notice that you do not have the Timeline Page security option selected.

If you are running a 1.8.1 CMS, I would definitely recommend upgrading your CMS to the Latest version, as many features and bug fixes will have been applied. Below is a link to the download page for CMS and a link to the CMS Upgrade documentation:

For the CMS files:

Our CMS Upgrade documentation:

Many Thanks.