User rights issue

Hi guys,
i have a user group and members in this group.
The user rights for the users in the group should be equal correct?
if so,
why is that if one of the users upload or create media, the other users has only View and Edit rights but not Delete right?

How do i fix this?
i want all the users of the group to have equal rights. When one uploads or creates media, the other has full rights to it.


What CMS version are you using currently please?

In 1.8 series, in CMS settings-> Permission, you can set the default permissions for media to group (view only) group write (read/write), if you want a user in a group to have full access (view/edit/delete) regardless of those settings then you’d want to have that user as a group admin user type.

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Hi Peter,
i still have 1.8.1 :frowning:

Hi Peter,
both my permissions are set to “group write”.
I want all the users that are part of the group to have full rights View, Edit, Delete.

are you saying that i need to change all the users that are part of this group to group admin?

If you want them to have full control over medias uploaded by other group members then yes they would need to be group admins.

As ‘normal’ user with group write permissions set in CMS settings they should have view/edit permissions to all medias uploaded by other members of their group.

Thanks Peter :slight_smile:
very much appreciated.