User permissions to view and edit content on display

Hi All,

I am using CMS version 2.3.3

I would like to let a user edit the content within a region - so they can add and delete and generally manage media that plays within that region by themselves.

I have spent a while trying to find this out by looking at,uk/manual/en/users_permissions.html and also,uk/manual/en/layouts_regions.html

I right-clicked the Region and have assigned View, Edit, Delete permissions to the user.

The user has Page Security Permissions of:
Icon Dashboard

The user can upload content to the Library, but when they go into Layouts > Design and click the Library Search button, they receive the error in red - ! User save preferences failed.

This error happens as soon as they click the Library Search button.

How can I allow this user to add content to a Region, please? Is there a permission I am missing, or is there a much simpler way?

Any assistance very much appreciated!

The answer I found was that I needed to give the user permissions for the playlist, I also gave permissions to playlist dashboard - both of these are under User/User Group permissions > Page Security.

The error ‘User save preferences failed’ keeps appearing, I wonder if this is also something related but I’m just checking now that I have the issues resolved for this user.

Another option,which you may find easier is using the Playlist Dashboard and User which only would allow them to add / replace media in a particular Playlist.

We have a step by step guide that will take you through the set up here, if this option is of interest to you: Utilising the Playlists Dashboard

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