User permisions

Hello everyone!
I am installing a system in a business building and I am having a problem with user permissions.
I tried a lots of things and still have no clue how to achieve what I am trying to do.

So my system has the Admin Account and a Designer account.
As you can guess the designer needs access to Layouts, templates scheduling and the displays that he owns.
But for some reason I can not give him access to Displays menu where he can see status and request screenshots from them.
Wen to the user assigned all relevant menus and pages and it is a still no go .
Am I doing it wrong ? Is he not supposed to be a user but some kind of elevated one ?
I really need him to be able to view but NOT be able to delete display groups or displays.
Using Xibo CMS 1.7.6 and Android Client 1.7.6 r59

I am guessing I am missing something but after hours of trying I am still nowhere.
Please if anyone has any idea feel free to share.

Thank you in advance !

So the absolute minimum permissions for a new user to see displays page and displays are as follows:

Page security:
Homepage and login (not really required but otherwise it will show an error on login screen)

Menu security:
Displays menu:

Top Nav

And on top of all that you will need to give that user at least view permissions to each display.
Then user will see the displays to which he has permissions on displays page.

Of course for him to be able to schedule content etc you will need to give im more permissions.

Similar to displays, if you want your user to be able to schedule/edit layouts or media files, you will need to assign him permissions to them individually (not only page/menu security).

Thank you so very much!
Seems I have done all you said except the “top navigation” assignment …

Thank you!