User and group permissions

I tried to serach on community but I have not found my case. We are setting xibo with different groups and users. We understood that in order to share contents between users on the same group they must be set as group admin and we did it. What now is causing problems is that each user can see contents of other groups. Is there the possibility to define some user groups with some users and separate policies?

Another question:

Is there the possibility to block the region without the possibility to modify it (mantain view policy)?

Bye and thanks.

It should be possible, group admin or just a user in a group should see content uploaded/created by others in his group, not sure why they can see everything? Are they members of just one group?

As for region, you could try, so you’d need view and edit permissions to whole layout and I assume to some regions, while to other regions set it only to view (so user won’t be able to edit/move them). Of course that user will be also able to create new regions, since he has edit permissions to whole layout, but that’s required to enter layout designer.

Hi Peter,
thanks for the reply. We found which was the problem related to permissions. Two users had two different groups but one in common. In this way users can see all. We changed the structure.

About region, we have to think what to do because we have a fixed layout where an user must be able only to change order. If the region is open there is the possibility to generate an error.

Bye and thanks again for the support