Use webfonts CSS link? (Adobe Fonts or

Hello All,

Anyone able to use webfonts. (Fonts that are served from a cloud server like or and using a stylesheet link.

Our corporate brand font is only available for licensing this way. So wondering if possible, if I not I will have to find a fallback font.


One of the fundamental principles of Xibo is that as much as possible should work when the Player has no connection to the CMS or the internet. It’s important therefore that the fonts can be downloaded to the Player and used locally so they continue to render without an active internet connection.

You can upload supported font files to the CMS directly.

Yeah I appreciate that for sure as you don’t want an internet connection to take down your signage however I literally can’t use these fonts without a web connection which is becoming more common for some fonts. The font provider does not offer a license to use them in this manner.

I will see if my design team can come up with an alternative font for Digital Signage that does allow web use without active internet connection.

Lastly somewhat related but slightly off topic do fonts work with webOS player. They do not seem to be currently when using one of the standard fonts built into Xibo (Verdana)


Verdana is a Microsoft Font and is included in the CMS for legacy reasons (ie when Xibo only used to have a Windows Player)

The only fonts that will work on the webOS are ones you upload to the CMS (eg Dancing Script that we provide), or fonts that are already present on the panel.

Ok thanks makes sense. I just picked what I thought was a standard font to try out a different font. I will look to find a font that is not web based.

Sometime in the future it would be a nicety to have the ability to use a Webfont for people who are willing to ensure the displays keep an internet connection (and also they should fall back to a different font if web one is not available). (Both fonts in our current brand guide can only be delivered via cloud for “Web” at least)

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