Uptdate files on xibo library not CMS

I have to make Xibo the most easier for the employees of my company.
So first I want to know if there is a way to update file (powerpoint, video and text) without connection on Xibo.
And I want to do the same for all the texts with a RSS, like that no employees need to go on Xibo.
All of this is possible ? If yes, how can I do that ?

You need to update content via the CMS.

If you don’t want to do that via the web interface, then the only other option is to update content via the API. You’d need to write your own application to integrate between the CMS and whatever incoming files you have.

The CMS is not hard to use. A very short training session is normally enough to get people up and running with it.

When you talk about API, you talk about CMS, so it is this folders, isn’t it ?

And I know, it is not hard but the employer prefer that the employees do not touch to Xibo.

So how can I do my own application ? Could you help me ?

That’s the CMS install - a 1.7 installation at a guess.

To use the API, you’d need to move up to the 1.8 beta.

I can’t help you write an application. The API is fully documented and we provide example code for connecting to it.

Ok thanks.

So even for a text only, I can not do this (change it without going in the web interface) ?
Because, I think, that in the version 1.2.2 we could, well I didn’t try but that’s what the employer told me (the text was solve as a RSS, if he’s right).

If you have something that can generate an RSS file, then you can consume that in Xibo in exactly the same way as you could in 1.2 series.

Ok I’d find out how he did this !.. I hope ! :confused: