Uploading video gives "Not Found" error

I’m running a fresh install of Xibo CMS on Windows Server 2012R2 with IIS7 and I’m currently unable to upload some videos right now. They are all in mp4 format. I had success with one file that was 11.01M in size, but cannot get any other file to upload.

When I complete an upload I get an error “Not Found”

I configured the following items in the php.ini file:
upload_max_filesize is 5000M
post_max_size is 5000M
max_execution_time is 360

I couldn’t find anything in the logs with log level audit and Server Mode as Test turned on

Any advice?

I had exactly the same issue - there is a setting in IIS that you need to change to allow the larger files to be loaded,

you need to change the Maximum allowed content filed in request filtering options (it’s set at 30000000 bytes initiallyon IIS8 which explains why a small file will load but not a bigger one)

It took me quite a while to find the error as Xibo says it will load the files - then it just fails

have a look at this link for the solution that worked for me


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I believe the bones of that is covered in the FAQ here:

If there’s something that needs to be added to the IIS section let me know and i’ll pop it in there. I’ve added your link as it looks helpful.

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