Uploading images not working

I read the information from this link in the DEV section, where Alex explains that v1.8 cannot be installed the same way as v1.7 series, which I did not do :confused:

So, IF you are doing a custom or manual install (without using Docker) [here are the doc’s instructions] (http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/manual_install.html). I’ve learned that the main difference for this installation from the v1.7 series is ONLY the files within the “web” folder are to be placed in your normal Wampserver location. All the other files are to be stored “outside” of the normal Wampserver location. Read full instructions for placing files. Is this correct Peter?

I’ll be re-installing my new version 1.8 this week and if I have more questions I’ll post again. But, please let me know if I have a good understanding. Thanks!