Uploading a file larger than 500K

Hi All -
I started out with the latest 1.8x docker install on Ubuntu 16.04. Got it up and running no problem. It all works great except I can’t load an image larger than 500k. After digging around the forum, not finding an answer (seems other people are having the issue with larger files upload limits etc.) I decided to go for the full install of 1.8.9. So I went through the fun of downgrading from php 7 to 5.6 and banging out all the prerequisites and got all the check boxes and got running. Now I’m feeling good :slight_smile:
I go to upload a 1.6 mb pic and bam, I’m still getting stuck. I have set up a bunch of stuff over the years, and got this running , reset all my upload limits to 128m. Is there something I am just not getting ?
1 more bit of info, Ubuntu is running in a kvm vm. I don’t think it’s the issue as I move many gb’s of data through these things every day. Any insight would be gratefully and humbly appreciated.

In perusing the jquery upload code I saw these values and no resize options.
If I tried to upload an images outside these parameters, would it silently fail?

        imageMaxWidth: 1920,
        // The maximum height of resized images:
        imageMaxHeight: 1080,
        // Define if resized images should be cropped or only scaled:
        imageCrop: false,
        // Disable the resize image functionality by default:
        disableImageResize: true,

On docker everything should be pre-configured for you, on custom installation you will need to make additional configurations steps How do I upload files bigger than 2MB / How can I increase the upload file size limit? and https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_environment.html + XTR and XMR.

Xibo does not resize images on upload, they should be in the same resolution as the source file that you’ve uploaded.