Upload image from an External Source

Hi, would like to create a slideshow that shows images taken from a Google Photo folder or a Dropbox Folder (This folder will be dinamically updated)

is it possible? thank you

Hi, kind of weird that no moderaters or staff have replied to this post yet.

i think you could use for example a onedrive or a network drive,

about grabbing pictures automatically from a folder i found this post earlier with someone providing some help about that.
Automatically read a folder and grab images - Get Help - Xibo Community

It’s not wierd. We try very hard to reply to the majority, but it’s simply not possible for us to reply to everyone. This is a community forum where members of the community help eachother. If you want support with a guaranteed response then we offer that to customers who host with us.

There is no guarantee of a response here, and nobody here owes you a reply.

What you’re asking for isn’t a feature of Xibo, which is why nobody has told you how to do it. Closest we have to that would be to consume a media RSS feed which would show images in a slideshow as you describe, and updates dynamically, but won’t source from Dropbox or Google Drive since they don’t offer that feature.

Alternatively, upload the images in to the CMS and put them in to a layout there.

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