Upgrading to xibo v2 temporarily off-line


So i would need to be in the cms-db container to get there?


Yes. From there run mysql -u cms -p cms to access the database, and then you can run repair commands from there


Thank you so much! There are two missing tables. I tried to autorepair with no luck. The tables are lktagdisplaygroup and upgrade. Can I drop these and then try to recreate them?


Or would i be able to delete the container and have it rebuilt? would it make a new database?


You can delete the container but it won’t create a new database.

You can definitely drop and recreate the lktagdisplaygroup table based on the schema for the 1.8 version you are upgrading from.

Upgrade table I think you can just drop and it will be recreated if needed.

Make sure you have a good backup before you drop any tables.


I no longer get the missing table errors when upgrading. Now iI have an error saying Column already exists: 1060 duplicate column name ‘tagId’ which was similar to the previous error about isDisplayNotification. Is there a way to merge them? or can i just find the duplicate and remove it?


What version are you upgrading from? You said 1.8 but not specifically which version.

It’s trying to add a column tagId but its already there in 1.8.12, so I suspect you may be trying to upgrade from something earlier?


I had 1.8.12 on it, but when restored it i went back to 1.8.0.


I’m afraid I don’t know then. The structure for 1.8.10 is the same so it shouldn’t be trying to run that.

Your logs earlier showed it was trying to run upgrade step 134 which is for 1.8.3 so I think you may be mistaken about the versions you have there, or the database has underlying issues.

You could restore back, export your layouts and then do a fresh 2.0.0 install and import your layouts in to it so you get back to a known good state.


Would i need to re add all the content library? Or if i just add the layouts would it know to save that info?


If you export the layouts it will bring any media used in those layouts with the export.

It won’t bring displays or scheduling, groups etc.