Upgrading Best Practices

Is there documentation that gives upgrade best practices?
My situation:
Spring Signage Hosted CMS with version 1.7.9
20+ Windows Clients that are running version 1.7.7

I tried upgrading one of the clients, but 1.8 client won’t talk to the 1.7.9 CMS. So I’m thinking that my path would be to upgrade the CMS first. Will I have any problems with my 1.7.7 clients working with the 1.8 CMS? Will have any problems with layouts already created, etc? Anything else that I should be concerned about?


You should upgrade the CMS first (single click in Customer Portal to do so).

Once the CMS is upgraded, you can then upgrade the Players. The 1.7.7 Players should talk to the 1.8.0 CMS in the short term, but the new functionality of the 1.8 series CMS won’t work until you upgrade the Players too.

As you’re hosted with Spring Signage, if you require any help or support, or have questions such as these, please email support@springsignage.com and we can work with you to ensure a successful migration :slight_smile: