Upgrade xibo to 1.8.13 to 2.0.2


Good afternoon,

I wanted to consult them since when updating the xibo from 1.8 to 2.0 it throws me the following error:

“The CMS is temporarily offline due to an update in progress. Please check with your system administrator for updates or refresh the page in a few minutes.”

If I go back to version 1.8.13, it starts correctly.

Thank you


Is this a custom installation on a web server? If so then please refer to the manual page Upgrade Manual/Custom Install in particular the section If you are upgrading to 2.0.0 or later

  • Open a terminal
  • cd into your installation folder
  • run vendor/bin/phinx migrate -c phinx.php

If you are still experiencing issues after manually running the phinx db migrations then please do come back to us.

Thank you