Upgrade from version 1.8 to 2.0

Guys how do I upgrade my xibo from 1.8 to 2.0?

Please follow the Upgrading the CMS section of the Administrator Manual and select the instructions for your environment.

Thank you

Hello, I am very layman on the subject, a question the cibo da xibo and paid or free? When I go to the page to upgrade to 2.0 on the xibo site it says the software is paid.
you can help me?
Thank you!

What page are you referring to? The Xibo CMS is open source so you can download the code and use in accordance with our AGPLv3 licence.

If you did not want to self-host and use our Xibo in the Cloud hosting service then that is a chargeable service.

If you are using Android or webOS Players then you could opt to upgrade them for a nominal fee so that you can benefit from the new features in v2. Please see the Upgrading Players section of the manual for further information.

I’m sorry the delay was a little absent, I need your help I’m not able to upgrade xibo to 2.0.4 could you help me? mine is installed on the web.

the site is - osmelhoresdaserra.com.br/xibo/web

I’m waiting for you thank you.

Are you asking for assistance with an issue you are currently experiencing with an upgrade or are you enquiring about our incident support service to take a look for you with a view to upgrade?

Thank you