Upgrade from Version 1.7.4 to latest version

Hey guys, I see a lot of people having issues upgrading from 1.7 to 1.8 - could someone point out the main gotchas please, we don’t run docker… sorry heaps new to this role and I don’t want to break the system but we need to upgrade to make use of new layout templates, thanks guys… Grant

You need to upgrade to 1.7.9 or 1.7.10 first, and then upgrade to 1.8.11.

If you’re going to do so as a custom install, please carefully read and understand the section of the manual on preparing the webserver for it. You can’t simply drop the files on the server as you did in the past.

You also MUST setup XTR and we strongly advise you to setup XMR. Moving to Docker on Linux is often much quicker and easier than doing a custom install, but it is of course your choice.

thanks Alex, I think what I might do is a seperate install on one of our other servers… I will install docker first on the server and load up the clients on seperate PC’s and point them to the new server and server key - that way I can ensure the legacey system is still going.

What do you think?