Upgrade from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 without Docker


I have my own server where there are my website, a nextcloud, a crm … and xibo CMS. I’m not really into docker, and I think I will go into it when I have more customers but for now, I prefer to stay with a non-docker version.

Is there a doc which explain how to upgrade from 1.8.0 to 1.8.1 ? I find some versions where you need to backup a “settings.php”, but there is no files like that inside the folder “web” so I think it’s for an older version.

I already tried to install a new copy, but I think it will erase my database (I have a backup) so I’m not really sure the installation wizard is for me. How can I launch the upgrade wizard ?

Today I don’t have a lot of templates and/or users, but since we are planning to use it in a close futur, I need to be sure I can upgrade the server and still keep all my data.

Be free to ask anything, even some basic things. I might have forgotten somethings really stupid.

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You need to take a backup of your database, and existing installation.

Once you have that, you backup settings.php which is indeed inside the web folder. If it isn’t there, then perhaps you deleted it in your efforts already. You should restore it from backup.

Then, move your existing install somewhere else - so for example, if your install were in /var/www/xibo, move /var/www/xibo to /var/www/xibo-old

Extract the fresh 1.8.1 code in to /var/www/xibo, correct the filesystem permissions, put the backup settings.php file back in to /var/www/xibo/web, and if your CMS library is inside /var/www/xibo, move that back in to place from where you moved it earlier.

Now log in to the web interface, and it will prompt you to upgrade.

It worked !

  1. Backup into another folder the xibo and your sql base (mysql --dabases xibo-db > dump.sql)
  2. Remove the content of the old xibo, and put the content of the new xibo version
  3. Put the xibo_old/web/settings.php into the xibo_new/web folder
  4. Put your old theme inside the new xibo
  5. Don’t forget to update the things you changed (like the views etc)
  6. Change the permissions or/or ownership (chmod and chown on linux)
    Run the defaut page -> it will redirect to “http://xibo.myserver.com/update” and you can run the update

Ty a lot !

I know you don’t want to run Docker at the moment, but with it, all of those steps become:

Download new docker file
Run docker-compose up -d

The backup is taken for you, the upgrade is run for you, and all your custom files (theme, views, library content, userscripts) are persisted automatically.

Good afternoon!

Where do I download the new Docker file?
And where do I execute the Compile command - Run docker-compose up -d

My Xibo is on a web server - www.xxxxx.com.br/tv

Please read the faq for that kind of question, or make a new thread. This one is only for upgrade WITHOUT docker :wink:

For me its not a question of do i WANT to run docker.
i have a server(virtual) on godaddy.
if you can figure a way for me to run docker on that i would be glad to run it.

If you have any troubles for your installation, make a new topic and I will try to help. I manage to make three working servers of xibo without docker and with XMR, etc.

Thanks Caminin!

I have my server working well. i was just upgrading to 1.8.2
xmr was fun to re setup. should note in instructions to copy XMR’s
config.json over to the new

i don’t remember seeing that but i could have missed it.
personally i love the docker concept, it’s just not available to me.

all in all. install is not that hard. other than assembling all the
components and installing the right packages. configuring the apache server
for root and web.

just lots of trip points that can leave you scratching your head…

Great job ALL on the project!!

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That was parts of the 5) step, but yeah :wink: I can’t edit but you can add a

  1. Configure XMR (config and run the xmr command with crontab. See posts in the forum for that)

so in other words…it is not possible to install xibo 1.8.7 without the docker process and launching it direct using localhost/xibo just as xibo 1.7.10 works easily that way…only good thing about 1.8 series is the weather module. 1.7.10 if effortless.

That isn’t the case. You can run it on a web server as before, but you will need to make some changes to your webserver configuration to alow that. The changes required are detailed in the manual.

I agree 1.7 was easier to install on a server, but that ease came at the cost of security.

I published a detailed blog post explaining the reasons why those changes are necessary.

Docker offers you the easiest route. If you want to do it the hard way, we’ve given you all the information you need but can’t guarantee to offer you free support for that method. Personally I think that’s more than fair…

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1.8.7 is secured than 1.7.10?

i managed to get it working…all required php stuff in place…i get to installation page but when i click next i get this error 404 not found

You should not have web in the URL.

Please go back and read the installation guide again, specifically the section on the required environment.


Yes 1.8 series is significantly more secure than 1.7, for the reasons set out in my blog post here:

i waited for an update to xibo 1.8.5…now is 1.8.9…testing it on my dummy server…all i care about most in the new version as opposed to 1.7.9 is the weather module…there were issues with it in earlier versions…i hope 1.8.9 is better