Updating Content

So I manually update the PowerPoint we use on a daily basis which is usually no bigger than 6-7mb, taking seconds to upload and save…
However have come in today, updated the PowerPoint (with nothing special or unusual) and tried to upload it to Xibo to find it’s taking 5mins to upload the file but then hangs on “You may fill in the form while your file is uploading.” even though it’s reached 100%. Have left it in that state for over an hour now and still the same.

Rebooted the server, removed the content I added today but still the same, nothing else has been changed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



OK - This can be deleted now, ignore all of the above… Turned out to be my PC :flushed::rage:

I’m glad you’ve a problem and solved it, could you tell us what was it? Perhaps it would be helpful for other users.