Updates the default layout but not updated when a layout program in Xibo

I did it with a single image that lasts 10 seconds, and the default layouth for programming but does nothing

Try creating a new layout and scheduling it on the display. This may be a result of this bug:

when entering Layout Designer and I click Options Menu and schedule now shows me the time to program but not the date , when I look at the schedule shows that program in a different time and always today until tomorrow, example I set today , from 13:00 to 13:15 , when programming in the layout designer , the program today 21:25 until 13:15 the next day , to modify it works, but if I schedule an event directly scheduling , add event , the customer does not show the programmed layout

“Schedule Now” is a quick schedule route - to schedule something starting now for a few minutes or hours.

If you want a full schedule, you should go to the Schedule section, and create a new event there. Then you have start and finish times.

If your layout isn’t playing, please work through the FAQ on this first: