Update Issues 1.7.8 Client


Ever since we updated CMS to 1.7.8; we seem to be getting issues updating media. When I take a look at the database I can see duplicates of the same file; if I delete all but one this fixes the issue but then just happens the next day. Does anybody know why this is and how I can fix it?

Many Thanks.

Firstly - a side note - if you’ve deleted directly from the database then there is no telling what has happened. Those mediaId’s will be used in other related tables (and some non-related tables) and won’t now match.

Regarding the actual problem - nothing in 1.7.8 will add copies of media to the media table. Usually the screen shot scenario happens when a media item is “replaced” - i.e. 690 had a new revision uploaded.

Do you have any automatic imports, etc? 1.7.7 introduced caching to help with web server loading. The cache is cleared by the UI, but if you have an automated import it may not clear it.


Thanks for the response, I realize these are linked to other related tables. I did my best to find those links and remove the necessary files. Regarding the issue basically we just replace the file as most screens show figures for that particular day using the edit option on the media layout, these are revised media files. We have users who control uploads for their departments so nothing is actually automated. Is there anyway of see which media version is in use?

When they upload the new file version, it will create a new media ID for the new file version. If they don’t opt to delete the old version, the old version will remain in the database, so they’ll want to ensure they do that, and ensure that they have permission to edit all layouts that use that media item (otherwise they won’t be able to replace the media in that layout successfully).

Assuming they replaced in a single layout, then any, all or only one of the versions could be in use. Without knowing what they’ve done it’s impossible to say.

Running the library tidy as an administrator will remove the old versions if they aren’t in use anywhere - and will correctly keep the database in check. You really must not get in the habit of directly editing the database as the moment you do, we stop being able to offer any help to you since we don’t know what changes you made :cry:

Hi Alex,
Thanks for the response, it sounds to me that its a user error. I have deleted the media from the library and rechecked all the permissions. I think the first time permission to edit wasn’t set on the file assigned to the library so I have rectified that. As you have advised I will run the “Tidy Library” option as well in future; I don’t tend to go directly into the database unless necessary however I made a backup before I started with this anyway.

Many Thanks.