Unknown error video upload


I have this configuration:
upload_max_filesize = 2048M
post_max_size = 2048M
memory_limit = 700M
max_execution_time = 1200
max_input_time = 1200

But I can not upload larger videos of 130M

Somebody can help me.

Thank you very much

Your configuration looks reasonable to me, but if it’s not working, then I can only suggest you have something not right with your PHP configuration.

Xibo has no part in the upload process other than receiving the file once it’s on the server.

Perhaps your PHP temporary file location you have configured has very little free space or something like that.

@alex I still can not upload files bigger than 120MB. Any other help?

Please help.
I still can not upload larger videos of 120MB. I tried it as I said @alex. But do not work. Please help. I installing the new version of xibo 1.8.11 and It does not work either. Help me please

As I said before, Xibo has absolutely no part in the file upload process. It’s all down to PHP and your webserver. Your problem lies with one of those things. I can’t help you further I’m afraid.

You’ll need to find a support channel for your webserver and PHP settings, and then Xibo will work once that is correctly setup.

Similarly, if you’re running a reverse proxy infront of the CMS, that needs to be properly configured for large file uploads.