Unknown error During Video Upload

This is normally where PHP has been configured incorrectly for large file uploads.

What have you setup in that regard? Simply changing the max upload filesize is not sufficient. Also what version of PHP are you using? Sizes over 2GB are only supported by PHP 5.6 and later (although Xibo can’t run on PHP 7 yet).

the current version of PHP is 5.6 and the host server is debian stretch
cms version is 1.8.2
the file is 1.97 GB only

So back to my first question then:

What have you setup for large file uploads?

Our FAQ here explains what is required:



this is it

You’re missing units on alot of those. 60s is unlikely to be long enough to upload a file of that size too. Similarly 256M won’t be enough RAM to process a near 2GB file.

Please correct the PHP configuration, and you’ll see Xibo will then be able to work as expected.

but we have another xibo cms which works perfectly for the same video content and same php entries


That means that your setting for post_max_size is 5120 bytes. That won’t allow you to upload any file larger than around 4k.

Please configure PHP correctly, and then Xibo will work.


The issue resolved after changing the OS to Jessy with same PHP.ini. old OS was Debian Stretch


I have this configuration:
upload_max_filesize = 2048M
post_max_size = 2048M
memory_limit = 700M
max_execution_time = 1200
max_input_time = 1200

But I can not upload larger videos of 130M

Somebody can help me.

Thank you very much