"Unknown Display Status" on all added displays

Hi, just installed and set up Xibo and added two displays. They are 55" flatscreen TVs with Intel NUCs for running Windows 7 and the Xibo client. However, I cannot get anything to display on them.

Under the status column in displays (no such column is shown in the image of Displays shown in the documentation), I have an “!” and “Unknown Display Status” listed there. Nothing I send to the displays will show, and the Layout status has a checkmark. I have assigned licenses to both the displays.

I cannot find any way to correct “Unknown Display Status”. I have tried with two different units, and this problem is there immediately after I add them. I have tried disabling Windows Firewall and re-adding the units. Any help?


Could you shows a screenshot of status window on your device?

By default press’i’ on your keyboard to show status screen while Xibo for Windows has focus.

Also, what Xibo for Windows version are you using please?

Status has changed to “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server” since my last post.

I am running Xibo version 1.7.8.

Could you also please open php.ini, find this line
always_populate_raw_post_data -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

After that, please restart your web server.

That fixed it! Thank you!