Unfortunately, Xibo has stopped error message on reboot



We are having constant issues with the Xibo app starting up on android.
We have 5 x DSCS9, and they all have the same issue.

The issue is not necessarily related to just one device at a time.
It’s random to any of the 5 boxes and Xibo does not try to restart on it’s own even though the setting is turned on. I assume that is because the CMS does still think it’s running, as it’s showing logged in on the CMS.

So when there is a power outage or when we send a reboot command, sometimes all boxes and Xibo apps will start up as they are supposed to but 90% of the time at least 2 will crash on startup.
When we try to open the Xibo app again after removing the error message, it takes up to 3 times to get the app up and going and sometimes it works right away.

The issue is very random, and we are running the latest CMS version and Android Xibo version.

Any advice?




I think we figured it out, we changed the webserver port from 9696 to something random and haven’t had an issue yet. keep you posted otherwise.


It should work on the default port without issues, however if there is anything else running on the device that uses the same port then it may cause conflict - similarly if you’d have two Xibo players installed on the device running on the same default port that would cause port conflict as well.

As for other logs, you could double check if XMR is correctly configured and if it is, issue xmr rekey action for that display, you also have one layout with empty region, that could be an issue only if you have it scheduled to the player.