Unconnected client

The cms xibo tells me that some clients are not connected and yet the clients have a correct network configuration and manage to join the server.
what does it mean? and how to get around this problem?

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If the logged in status persists with X status, then that does imply connection problem.

I’d expect those players to complain about it on their status window as well, perhaps you could show a screenshot of that.

If you open player options and click save (windows) / connect (android), are they able to connect?

below a screen print of what the “!” in “state”

when I click on display> edit> save nothing happens and the client remains unconnected according to the CMS.

I’m really stuck and I do not know what to do to fix this problem

when I assign a new event the state of the player goes into “!” and after a few minutes he goes into "x"
There is no problem of connection because the readers manage to join the CMS and this time the CMS indicates that the readers are connected
My problem is the state of the reader who is each time in “x”

Thank you for your clarification

That is expected, but once player finish downloading content it should change to the checkmark.

Since it is 1.7 series, you can open the Media Inventory of the player and see if it has anything not downloaded yet.

when I consult the media inventory, the download of some media remain in “no”.
Knowing that it lasts for several days and that reader is not downloading them. Where does this problem come from? and how do I get around it?

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As I mentioned before it seems like a connection issue between the players and CMS, looking at your screenshot both players are not logged in and weren’t for quite some time (assuming this is recent screenshot).

If players can’t maintain a connection to the CMS then they will not be able to download content from it.

Perhaps something in the newtwork is blocking the access/restricting the access.

I’d expect to see some logs / errors on the player status window about that.

checking from the clients, I access well from an internet browser at http: // ip_xibo. Access from clients to the server is done directly without going through the web proxy

what do you mean by the logs?

from the server which ones do I have to look at?

Thank you for your help

moreover ports 80 and 443 are allowed from the server to the clients.
are there other ports to check?


the clients communicate well with the server and correctly display the sent content.
The only problem is that the server displays their status in “x” after several hours and displays them in red

it’s really ambiting

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The X in status when players are connected to the CMS implies that they are downloading new content/schedule - you can look at the Media Inventory (1.7) / Manage page (1.8) to see what files are not downloaded, which should help identify the problem.

If the CMS is set to Force_HTTPS (it might be 1.8 setting I don’t remember at the moment if it was in 1.7 as well) it would be good to ensure your players are connecting to it over https.

That should be all that’s needed for 1.7 series.

the clients seem to communicate corrceteenet with the server because they display well the contents sent but they remain always in blue and their state in “x”

can you tell me where do I look to understand the origin of this mysterious problem.

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If they are connected with X status, then that would imply they are downloading files from CMS.

You can check the Media Inventory (1.7 series) | Manage (1.8) page for more details.
Logs page may also have additional information if there are any problems.

when I consult the client’s inventory, I notice that “media” was not downloaded but I do not know which “media”:

below the newspapers:

do you see anything abnormal?

Thank you

Is this CMS using 1.7.9 source code with just the logo changed or were there more changes made to the source code?

Regarding Media inventory there are several not downloaded files the ID column tells you the media ID of the files that were not downloaded - ie you can look them up on CMS Library Media page.

Could you look at the CMS Settings -> General tab -> File download mode, to what is it set there?

On the configuration tab, to what is the CMS library path set?

I confirm that you have not made any changes to the source code.
below the display settings :

do you see a bad parameterization? or a parameter to adjust

oddly several ip number that could not be downloaded by the client do not appear in the media inventory list

for example :slight_smile:id 11, 16, 17, 55, 56, 57 …

It is possible those files are retired (you can check that with filter in Media page) if they are not retired either, then it would seem the mediaInvenotry/requiredFiles for your player has some really outdated data in it if it tries to request files that are no longer in the CMS - player should report these to the CMS which you can also see in CMS logs, if there are any issues, that should be reported as well.

You could try clearing player cache and let it reconnect and see if that will clear it.

after emptying the customer download directory, here is the error message:

getimagesize(/var/www/html/xibo-1-7-9/librairie_media/143.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory