Unable to Upgrade to PHP 7.1.19 or greater- "Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn't happen. Cache path is not writable."

I recently upgraded through Manual Install from 1.8.2 to 1.8.10.

I am running on Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS and PHP 5.4.6.(x64)

Before and after upgrading Xibo from 1.8.2 I tried to upgrade PHP to both 7.2.7(x86) and 7.1.19(x86). The upgrade was out of a desire to rule out PHP as a cause of some issues with XMR but also to patch some security holes in the old version of PHP. One guide I read suggested PHP should be running x86 to work properly with XMR which is why I decided to change architecture.

After installing the new version of PHP updated php.ini with all the suggested changes from the Windows/IIS guide and made sure the Handler Mappings were pointing to the correct place. I verified with phpinfo that it was seeing the correct version. When I reloaded my CMS site I got the error:

“Fatal Error - sorry this shouldn’t happen. Cache path is not writable.”

After getting this with 1.8.2 I read that PHP7 wasn’t supported until 1.8.5 so I decided to upgrade to 1.8.10. After a successful upgrade I tried once again with changing to the newer PHP 7.2.7 (x86). Yet the same error comes up when trying to load the login screen.

I checked the permissions on all of the directories and they all appear correct, if I change the handler mappings back to the old PHP directory everything starts working again.

I’m afraid I’m missing something in my php.ini or an extension is missing, alternatively is there anything in the php files or Xibo db that would reference the specific php location or anything like that?