Unable to register Display with Xibo Client

We have Xibo Version 1.7.8 and PHP V5.6, MySql Server 5.7 running on a Windows 2008R2 Standard Server.
On a client we installed xibo-client-1.7.8-win32-x86.msi. One we succeeded in registering a display. Alas, this display is broken. So we want to register a new one. Through Xibo Client we are trying to registrate a complete new display. But on the client we get the message that we cann’t register an old display. But it is a new display, with a different MAC-adress, different name on a different computer.The log on the Xibo server displays the message that a client is trying to registrate a Version 3 display. What is wrong. I have searched but could not find anything. What can we do? Can you help us, please.
Thank you in advance

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At a guess you’ve downloaded 1.8.5 Xibo for Windows and trying to register it against your 1.7.8 CMS.

Generally you will always want to use CMS and players in the same series ie if you have 1.7 series CMS then you should be using 1.7 series player.

in your case (CMS 1.7.8) I’d suggest upgrade to 1.7.10, but more importantly you will want to use 1.7.9 windows player.

Thanks. But this was not the solution. I’ve disabled the region default lat (valuu 0) en default long (0) and in PHP Admin I have changed the value of DISPLAy_License to 1. Started everything again and it worked!.

Problem solved.