Unable to install 1.80

After many releases installed (I tihink from 1.4) and used with exteme satisfaction, with 1.80 I have a lot of installation issues that I’ve decided to NOT move to the latest revision and stay on 1.79.
You have moved from a clear and simple installation method to a weird one (Docker) and also the manual has problems.
I know, it’s a fault of my environment but as I said I have installed/upgraded Xibo from 1.4 until now without issues.

You are free to continue installing Xibo in whatever way you wish.

We strongly suggest Docker as it gives you an entirely predictable environment in which to run the CMS, which is the same as the CMS is developed in, and the same as the test suite is run in.

If however you would prefer to not have those benefits, you can run a custom install. Note however the requirements for the CMS are more complex than ever to support push messaging and so getting all the prerequisites installed can be tricky. It is however possible if you want to go that way.

I have installed Docker on a virtual machine for testing, all ok but CMS stops installation at some point, I have no screenshot but I will try again soon.
Regarding standard installation, I have troubles with ZEROMQ package, but I think that it’s my environment (TurnKey) that’s a bit closed.
According to you, what’s the best LAMP ready-to-use environment for Xibo 1.80 ?

There is no LAMP stack that has all the requirements “ready to use”, which is why we’ve offered Docker instead.

With Docker, you shouldn’t see the CMS install at all, so if you are, it’s likely you’ve missed a step somewhere.

In the upcoming days I will start the installation from scratch using TurnKey LAMP, starting with Docker and then with CMS and I will update this topic.