Unable to display German ARD News Livestream


is there anyone able to launch the live stream of this link using the embedded widget?

The stream may be displayed only from within Germany so the longigute/latitude settings for the player and CMS must be set to e.g. 48.1459 / 11.5757 (Munich).

I found this old post and I wonder if that could be the reason:

Comma instead dot

I just tried what you suggested but to no avail. A still picture comes up:

When I enter the designer and preview the layout - no matter if checked out or not - it plays the stream instantly fine. It works also fine when I select the layout and click on “Preview layout” from the menu.

I set the UI to english, now a point shows up when I enter coordinates in the settings of all players.

This is a screenshot of it working on an R255 Player, which is set to 1080p but the URL is 720p which is why some of the screen is showing blank.

A layout has been uploaded to the following link for you to download and try on your Players: https://transfer.xibo.org.uk/cf19642eb1c8

Let us know if this works for you!

Thank you, now it works on three displays of the same model. I compared your and my layout and the reason seems that it must be written “edge” but not “Edge” (which I did so far).

The fourth system is another brand and it shows a still picture of the Tagesschau startup logo for a friction of a second followed by a blank white frame where the video should show up. There’s also no sound. When I open the live stream on that system from within the browser Edge it works well.

When i said it works I had been glad too early:
It works only once. The next time I play the layout it shows the initial picture as a still frame.
I scheduled another layout displaying a few pictures and then scheduled this layout again - it still shows just the initial picture of the tagesschau. When I click the preview button in the CMS it plays fine.

I check marked "Clear Cached Data " and “Reconfigure XMR”, rebooted the player, deleted the folder “Xibo Library” on the player, de-authorized and authorized the player.

I created a new layout with the following embeded html section:

This one works but unfortunately I need the German Tagesschau.

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