Ubuntu Player SSH Commands to stop/start viewer

Player Version

1.8-R4 Stable on Ubuntu 19.10


Hello community,

We’re just testing out our first Xibo Linux player and it seems to be working okay.
Ran in to the initial “player exited with code 6” error and resolved this by setting the display profile to Linux and specifying the resolution in the height and width of the Display Settings profile for Linux.

Just a quick query, how can I remotely stop and start the Xibo-Player client using SSH?
From the terminal on the machine itself, I can just run xibo-player and the player launches.

If I run connect to the machine remotely via SSH and run xibo-player, it looks like it tries to launch this in my SSH connection rather than on the screen.

Can someone send me some correct commands to stop the xibo-player service remotely, and start it again?

Many Thanks,

I’m sure you can stop the service with a simple process kill, although I don’t know how you’d start it again.

Perhaps by exporting the DISPLAY?

export DISPLAY=:0 
nohup xibo-player & 

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