(Ubuntu + Docker) After Successful Installation nothing show up on localhost?

Hi All,

Installing Xibo on the following:
Ubuntu - 16.04.03
Xibo - 1.8.2
Docker - 17.09.0 CE
Docker Compose - 1.16.1

After following all the instructions and confirming they are completed successfully. I run docker-compose and all services are running. However, when I pull up the local host from the Linux server, nothing is coming up.

How do I start troubleshooting this issue? Thanks in advance!

I assume you’ve followed instructions here? Xibo 1.8.0 with Docker on Ubuntu 16.04

when you navigate to localhost / your server IP what do you see then?

Looking at the link you sent. I follow it and the only difference I see is that I don’t have capital letters in the MySQL password. Could that be the issue?

Error I get is “Firefox cannot connect to the server at localhost”…

if you do docker ps -a what does it show?

Rebooting the server solved the issue. Thanks!