Ubuntu display not show on Ubuntu server

I have 1 Ubuntu 12.04 server with 1.7.4 version, and 1 Ubuntu 12.04 client with 1.6.0 version.
And I have a problem, because I can’t see the client on the server. But when I try with a Windows client it work !
The key is the same on the server & the client. The IP address too…
Need some help, please.

Not sure what you mean by this.

Can you log into the CMS in a browser from the client machine?

Yes when I’m on the client I can connect to the CMS in a browser.
When I say the “Ip address” is when you edit site.cfg and you write the IP address of the server.

1.6.0 Player isn’t compatible with 1.7.4 CMS. You would need to run a 1.6 series CMS with that Player.

Ok so I should install a 1.6 version on my server ?

The Ubuntu Player is discontinued at the moment and isn’t developed or supported.

You can run an older CMS if you want to, but if you want something current that you’ll be able to get help with then you should be looking at a Windows or Android Player.

Yes with Windows it’s ok.
Thank you again @alex & @cslaughter

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