1.6.0 player & 1.6.0 CMS don't work

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I have now try with a CMS 1.6.0 and a CMS 1.6.4 on Ubuntu but he doesn’t see any displays in the CMS !
The version of my player is 1.6.0, on Ubuntu.
Please help me when you can.

As I said before the Ubuntu Player is discontinued and no longer supported so if it doesn’t work there won’t be any fault finding or bug fixing for it. You really shouldn’t be making a new deployment of a discontinued product.

In any case, you need to register the Player with the CMS. There’s an option in the site.cfg file, the name of which escapes me, that requires the Player to register before proceeding. You should enable that.

Look at the output on the command line as it will tell you what’s happening there.

Ok I’m sorry.
I know I need to register the player in the CMS but I can’t see the player in the CMS… In the site.cfg file all is OK, requireXmds is on true, and I have changed the clientID two or three times.
And on the command line it’s write : “Fault Sender : this display client is not licensed &
Fault Receiver : this display client is not licensed.”

And when I press “i” in the player all points are in red except stats…

Did you create a display group with the same name as the Player?

I have no display, so no group

You can create a display group without having any displays - hence my question.

If it’s not showing up then there’s something wrong CMS side, and as I’ve explained before this is all old and unsupported now so you really should be deploying something current

Ok I didn’t know it.
So I can drop my idea of a complet ubuntu set up. Thank you again