Ubuntu Client doesn't connect to the CMS

Hello everybody,

I successfully setup the Xibo CMS on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and connected a Xibo Client (Windows 7 Professional).

Today I wanted to connect an Ubuntu Client (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) --> The Client installation proceeded without problems.
I edited and renamed the “site.cfg” and started the “run.sh”.
After that the XIBO-Player started and the default layout is playing.

Now I wanted to license/activate the player in the CMS but the Ubuntu Client will not be shown.

Anybody who had the same problem or could help me?

ps. Sorry for my bad english :wink:

Could you please tell us what CMS version did you installed?

The Ubuntu client is no longer supported/developed if you installed the newest CMS version then it might not work well with it - we haven’t tested it, as I said Linux player is not supported in 1.7 series.

We do have a plans for cross platform player, which should come in 1.9 series, more details here - Cross Platform Player Specification

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Im using Xibo CMS 1.7.8.

Tank you very much. Then I’ll use Windows Clients and wait for 1.9 series.