Two different layouts on same pc?


I have 1 pc with 2 displays, i followed the guide to set up two clients and it works, but i cant seem to find how to set the layout on the second client, is this possible?

Yes, but you’d need to change the hardwareKey (Display ID) in player options -> advanced tab

Then if two players will have different hardwareKey they will have separate records in CMS Displays page, therefore you will be able to schedule different content on them.

You will also need separate display profile with set player size and offset and assign it to your second player.

Aha, i see. Got it to work but sometimes thay start on top of each other, how do i set it so that one player starts at montior 1 and the other at monitor 2?


Display settings -> create new display profile -> specify size and offset -> assign this display profile to second display.


It seems this change hardwareKey is missing from the documentation - Windows Player Multi-install