Twitter scroll - 1.8.1


I have my twitter module up and running on 1.8.1/docker however no matter what effect I apply (ideally scrolling up), I just get the tweets displayed statically on the screen.

Any ideas?


Could you tell/show me how did you configure it please?

In general, it should display x tweets per page (where x is Tweets Per Page setting), for y amount of time (where y is duration, with, by default duration is per item checked) for that time those tweets will be ‘static’, when the duration per page ends it should trigger an animation effect that you’ve set, after which it should show another page of new tweets and so on.

Right, it should show you first 5 tweets for the default duration (which is 60s I believe by default), after that it should slowly scroll vertically and show another 5 tweets.

Does that scroll effect is not visible at all?
In designer / preview and player?

Is Scroll not the same as Marquee then? I used to have it as a constantly stream of tweets. I see the marquee option has disappeared?

Indeed it’s not the same as marquee.

Marquee is not working well with current twitter templates in 1.8.1 (that’s why it’s not available for selection), it wasn’t working well in 1.7 as well, but since the templates were less complex there was a workaround for it, that made it look not terrible.

We might introduce marquee back to twitter module, but that would actually most likely mean a separate twitter module with that effect and different templates - we do have an issue logged to look at that, but it’s not high priority at the moment.

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That’s a shame. It was useful for viewing the last few days tweets. I will have to play with the other effects, see if they offer any suitable replacement.

Brill, thats worked! just in terms of the tweets displayiny, i have the Eff3ect set to shuffle and speed to one, but it changing the tweet really fast, no matter what speed i put in,

The effect speed will depend on two things:

a) speed of the transitions itself
b) duration of the twitter widget and if duration per item is enabled.

For example, let’s say you want that widget to return 10 tweets

If duration is set to 10s without duration is per item enabled it will try to display all those tweets in 10s, ie ~1s per tweet, if you have an effect enabled then player will need to make those transitions very very fast.

if duration is set to 10s with duration is per item enabled, then each item will stay on the screen for 10s

I have upgraded to the latest version of Xibo (1.8.7 from 1.7.9) and it seems no effects are applying to my Twitter feed. Say I want the last 15 tweets displayed, should this module in the latest version be able to do that?

You can configure the number of returned tweets (count), tweets per page and indeed the transition effect between pages as well, how do you have it configured and what exactly isn’t working please?