Twitter Module only shows some images

Hello! Xibo newbie here, apologies!
I seem to have some issue with the Twitter Module. Currently I have the Twitter Module showing the search term I require, which the posts and profile pictures are displaying as they should. Images on the feeds mostly do not show though. The odd image sometimes will. I’ve tried several search terms and it’s the same result. I’ve edited my PHP to enable larger image files and have checked the file sizes of the images and they are nowhere near the limit set.

The issue happens in preview and on the player. Tried on several machines too to eliminate that out. I’ve looked through the troubleshoot logs on Xbo and found only this which suggests it’s getting the image:

“Media”,“addModuleFileFromUrl”,“Adding: with Name: twitter_95641780. Expiry: 2017-02-02 02:20:27”

Not sure if that’s relevant or helpful to anyone?

I’m using XAMPP and Xibo 1.7.9. PHP version 5.6.28. Running on Server 2012 r2

All Xibo installation fields are ticked. All relevant PHP extensions installed etc.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great cheers :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. Twitter module shows only some images.
I tweeted a few test tweets with the same image attached, and sometimes it was shown on preview/display, sometimes not. Then I came to a conclusion that if a few @somebody @somebodyElse ‘phrases’ appear in the tweet, and these ARE links to other Twitter profiles, the module does not show the image attached to the tweet. Is that maybe because the characters in HTML code <a href...> of these ‘phrases’ ‘occupy’ the limited number of characters that the module parses from a Twitter feed, so it doesn’t even get to the part where image code <img src...> is and it doesn’t download the image.

I am not a programmer so I can’t read the module code. Is there a (simple) way to increase the number of parsed characters from Twitter?

1.7.8 here.

Not sure anymore that it has anything to do with @phrases rather than with photos attached to the longer tweets (meaning around 110 characters). With image (HTML code <a href=...> which is more than 30 characters, it exceeds 140 characters.

I don’t know, this is driving me crazy today :slight_smile:

This is a pretty old thread, but I’m wondering if an answer to this was ever found. I’m having this exact problem in 1.79 - some tweeted images display while other, often smaller, JPGs do not. The profile image appears consistently.
The media does not seem to be being downloaded, as I found only a few image files in the local directory, even after multiple days. I was able to replicate this using a different layout and display computer; the same images were missing in every instance.
Can anyone offer any suggestions?

@alex can you help with this? I am stumped!

There’s been changes on both sides for Twitter between 1.7 series and current. We won’t be making any new 1.7 releases now, so I’d suggest confirming the issue doesn’t still affect 1.8.12 or 2.0.0, and then assuming it works well there, planning to upgrade to one of those versions.

It works perfectly in 1.8, so I guess an upgrade is in order! Thanks Alex.