Twitter module displaying nothing

Right, finally back on with this project and still cannot display tweets. I used to use the HTML embedded option with the old server and client installation. Now i am up to date and trying to use the Twitter Module, but getting nowhere fast. The preview shows nothing, nor does the live display.

This is what i have done so far;

Modules > Twitter > Edit

  • API Key: entered
  • API Secret: entered
  • Cache Period: 300
  • Image cache: 24

Layout > Design

  • Add region
  • Double click region and select the twitter module
  • Name: entered
  • Duration: 60
  • Search term: park_high_colne
  • Type: Recent
  • Distance: 0
  • Count: 15
  • Tweet text only
  • Save
  • Save order

Am i doing something wrong?



First thing - I think you did everything right.

Could you tell me what exactly you mean by this:

Do you see the “There are no new tweets…” message or do you just don’t see any text at all?

In first case try to change recent to mixed and back, you can also try to change search term to something else then back to what you want. Twitter module is well, just try to do this, it may help.

If you don’t see any text at all, then you may need to “override the template” and change the text colour.

As for the search term itself, as you can see it is working but as I said Twitter module can sometimes behave a little bit weird.

One last side note you can also use from:park_high_colne in search term. In your case it shouldn’t change anything but sometimes it may be a better setting.


Hi Peter,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am getting no text what so ever, no messages or error.

I have now changed the override option and set the new search term, but still nothing. I have just changed the background colour to see if it is even displaying the region. It is on the preview (but still no text or messages) but not even displaying the region on the client display.


Are you behind a proxy server? If so, have you set that up in the Xibo CMS settings?

No proxy server here.

Hi everyone, I have the same problem and i find this in apacheerror log

[Wed Jun 03 20:08:38 2015] [error] [client ::1] File does not exist: C:/wamp/www/modules, referer: http://localhost/xibo/index.php?p=layout&modify=true&layoutid=8

Maybe this is a refer in the root and xibo is installed in C:/wamp/www/xibo/

Any ideas guys? :confused:

Well at the moment we don’t have any solutions.
What I can suggest:

Could you please go to Report Fault page and turn the debugging on?
Also could go to display page -> edit your display -> go to Advanced tab -> turn auditing on?
After that try to run the layout with twitter module and see if there are any errors in the logs page.

You could also go to modules page and click on verify all, maybe something is not installed as it should.


This will give us a blow by blow account of what happens when Xibo requests data from the Twitter API - it should therefore show any points of failure or at least tell us how far it got in the process :smiley:

Done… Where can i export the log to show you guys?

There are no errors, when i filtered the log.

On the same page (Report Fault) where you enabled debugging:

It is strange that you didn’t see any errors when you enabled debugging and reproduced the issue, because something is definitely wrong.
Anyway please download the log file then upload it somewhere(dropbox/ similar) and share the link with us here.


Log File

I don’t see anything from Twitter. There should be at least the log that is there before the feed is shown.

Did you preview the layout while you had the wizard running?

I did test the layout on my Xibo client. But i shall do a preview now on the web interface and log the results.

See below.

Log file after web interface preview

"2015-06-10 16:59:55","Twitter","getToken","Error contacting Twitter API: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate"

So there’s the problem. Your server isn’t able to validate the SSL certificate from Twitter.

That could be because the time is wrong on the server, or if the curl root CAs haven’t been downloaded and installed.

Both are covered in the CMS post installation guide. If you haven’t done so, I’d strongly recommend working right through that as it will catch most server setup problems.

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Great, i’ll work through that today.

Thanks for your help :smile:

Yay! It’s working now. Thank you.

Now I could do working out how to make it look pretty. Stylesheets / Logo etc. Any guides on that? :innocent:

We provide templates in there already for common scenarios. If you don’t like those then you can override the template and setup your own look.

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