Twitter Feed not showing in Client player

Running Xibo Server on Ubuntu 14 with Windows 7 client player.

I have embedded HTML widget from twitter into a layout and the feed works when logged into the cms layout preview however only shows a hyperlink on the client player. dont know whether it is worth mentioning we do have a smoothwall box. i can access twiitter from the computer that is playing the twitter widget.

this was in the troubleshooting log

2016-02-02 13:29:49",“module”,“”,"cURL extension is required for Twitter
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You will need to install curl then :smile:

Please have a look here:

I should have mentioned i have also installed cURL.

sudo apt-get install PHP5-cURL

I assumed i may have had to uncomment a line in PHP.ini but cannot find it

Any other suggestions?

EDIT: It does work in the CMS layout preview. i had originally tried the twitter module using the API key and API secret to no success. that just gave me an empty region in both preview and client player. using the embedded HTML seem to get me closer.

EDIT 2: On the back of when you mentioned twitter rss and forecast, i noticed that my forecast temperature shows the wrong value also. RSS feeds work as expected however this is HTTP so imagine is not affected.