Twitter displays

My company have a load of twitter accounts one for each department i wanted to have a running display of tweets from across the departments so have set up multiple twitter API’s to point at the different accounts the issue i have is some of them are not used as much as others so occasionally i get the message
“There are no tweets to display”
Is there a way i can get it to skip if there is nothing to display?

There is no option to skip widget when it does not return any data from the source, I’m afraid.

You can customise the message that appears in this case, by adding your own text in the No tweets field on Advanced tab.

can you think of any other way around this? i tried also just using a generic search term but unfortunately we also share this term with some sort of baseball league and i keep getting posts from that show up on our screens when i try to narrow down the distance i either loose all tweets and or still get unrelated

Since there’s no way to skip a feed, what about replacing “there are no tweets to display” with something like “Follow us on Twitter @twitterhandle”?

We are a school we were after it to be displayed for prospective parents rather than them have to follow the school just looks horrible when there is supposedly nothing to display