TV/XBMC Integration

Hi again, :smile:

Is there a way to have a live TV feed within a Region or have a Module for XBMC so you could stream live feeds through it.


Xibo for Android already supports RTSP streams:

IPTV over RTSP is becoming more popular. You can take the output of a TV tuner and encode a suitable RTSP stream for your Players to show using VLC or similar.

Thanks, I’ve tried to add a RTSP feed. Does it work on Android devices? When I add one my device won’t load the layout at all.


Hi John

Yes it does, but the RTSP feed must be unicast and the feed encoding must be setup for an Android device

Thanks Alex got it working.
Do you know of an easy way to create a Feed from my TV? Is there a device I can get for my Android box? Also is there a Tuner you recommend for PC?


Any TV tuner that VLC will support can be used to encode a stream. I’m sure there are hardware boxes that can convert HDMI to RTSP streams of appropriate encoding but I don’t have any specific recommendations.

Thanks Alex, I’ll do some more research.

Forgot to ask is there a way to format the size of the video feed? Part of the video is being cut off.
What I did was set it to full screen then held “Shift” and resized it to keep it proportioned. But that didn’t help.
Is there proper sizing for video that we should go by?
Here is the feed that I’ve been testing with “”.

Also is there a way to force a device refresh, I have it set to 1 minute but sometimes when resize the video region it doesn’t seem to work or takes a while.


Xibo will scale it to fit the region according to the information we’re provided in the stream. There’s no configuration.

Ok perfect,