TV turn off with xibo

I have strange issue. I have windows 10 on a BRIX with xibo client on. We have used commercial software (onelan) before and client running on fedora.

Once I connect windows 10 xibo box to the TV then TV turns it self off after about an hour. But, TV works all the way with fedora commercial client.

I have setup xibo client to disable power settings during xibo client running.

Any idea why this is happening ?

Xibo tells Windows that it is in use when it starts (in the same way as a video player application does).

Something else on your Windows install is triggering the display to go to sleep. It isn’t Xibo doing that.

Thanks for the reply. It’s not xibo goes to sleep. But, the TV screen goes off. It’s only when I plug windows xibo client same way the other onllan client.

But, when I plug that xibo box to a PC monitor it doesn’t go off after sometime. It’s the TV going to sleep. But, xibo don’t prevent it happening. onelan client does.

Is there anything I am missing here.

Xibo has no control over your TV. It’s telling Windows not to let the PC go to sleep, but beyond that it has no control.

You need to make sure in your Windows Display Profile settings in the CMS, that you have the option to prevent sleep ticked.

Display Settings → Windows → Edit → Advanced Tab

You should also check in your Windows OS Display Power Management settings that you have it set to never turn the screen off.

Xibo itself CANNOT make the screen sleep. Only Windows can do that, so something in Windows is causing the sleep to happen.

I have setup to prevent sleep hence the PC monitor not turning off. However, Behavior is different on the TV. I will check windows settings. I hate windows and waiting to see when linux client will be available to us.