Trying to load portion of a web page into layout

We’ve been using Xibo for a while now and really like it. We use it to display our menu and currently display it via static JPGs displayed on a TV. However, whenever we have to change prices, we’re having to do it in our POS, online, and then modify the JPGs. I’m trying to streamline this by making our menu display the menu from our website.

I only want to display the actual menu and not the entire site but cannot get it to work. I’ve tried .load() but do not get anything. If I use an iframe, I can get the entire page to load, but this means the menu is not fully visible.

What I would like is to be able to set up a region for each category, and have that region display the items in that category. Our website generates the menu dynamically, so if I go to /breakfast it will show me the breakfast category. If I look at the code for the page, the menu is in a DIV set up as

. Is there a way to call just that class and display it in the region?

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