Trouble with correct time in Layout after media library update

I just had a forced upgrade to 2.0.1 and I am kind of starting from scratch. I previously used 1.7.8 and when I updated a video file in the media library, it would change the time in the layouts that would use that media library item. Now when I replace a file in the media library, it automatically knows that the video file is the correct length, but it will not change the length of that item in the layout. The purple sticker stays the same but it say that the item will play for the new length of the video file. So for example, if I have a file that was previously 30 seconds in length gets replaced with one that is 45 seconds in length. The timeline will have the purple sticker that says 30 still, but below it will say that it will play the item for 45 seconds. When saved the tv’s will only play 30 seconds of the new video instead of 45.

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