Transparency overlay layout with Windows client

In the youtube tutorial ‘What’s new in 1.8 - 3. Overlay Layouts’ Xibo explains how to use an overlay layout.

I see that the logo in the upper right corner has a transparency background in de overlay layout. See image below.


The display is a Windows Player (see time 3:57). I try to use GIF and PNG images with transparent backgrounds without success in the overlay layout.

How can I use a logo with a transparent background in an overlay layout?

With the Windows players you will need to match the background so it is the same colour as the Layout you are overlaying. Xibo does not render the background on Android or webOS players only.

Do take a look at our manual page for more info:

Thank you

Thanks for your reply. Can you explain why the background colour changed from yellow to blue of the logo in the same video? See the overlay with another layout below, at the time 4:50 ?


Windows does not support overlapping Regions so this may be the issue. For example if you have your main layout with nothing where the logo is on your Overlay then it would work, however if you had something underneath it such as a video, it wont work as expected.

Please do share your Layouts so that we can take a look for you.