Translation file in Launchpad

I’ve imported a Dutch translation file yesterday to XIbo Launchpad,
because we were translating everything. But unfortunately Xibo got
corrupted in some way…
Once we used the (corrupted) Xibo Dutch translation file, then when we
went to the Layouts. I can see my layouts but when I want to edit one,
then Xibo keeps loading and I can’t see the layout. Now I have seen more
translation files and I can see that some texts are not translated. Are
they not translated with a purpose? Because when I translate “Show
tour!” then the whole tour won’t work.

If I look at the Dutch translation for Xibo in Launchpad for version 2.1, I see this:

It says there’s about 1200 un-translated strings there.

If I search for “Show tour!” it’s available to translate, but hasn’t been translated yet which is why it isn’t translated in your CMS.

I would download a fresh copy of the mo file (or use the one we ship with 2.1.2 CMS) and that should make things work as expected.

I’m looking at some of the contributions you made and it appears that you’ve translated English to English as Dutch:

That means that when the CMS is set to Dutch it will show the “Current Dutch” version of that, which is still English.

Those changes won’t be in any released version yet as they’re too new.

Did you overwrite our existing translations with these? It’s best to translate directly in Launchpad so you know exactly what you’re changing and there’s no concerns around importing files after the fact.

At first I’ve translated it to Dutch, but when I discovered the problem that I couldn’t edit a layout. I translated all my latest translations back to English to see if it appears again. But once I’ve translated it all back to English it’s working fine!

Can you give me a copy of the translation file then please which causes this to happen?

Where can I give you the file, because it is in MO format

One of our developers has had a look and it’s the " double quotes you’ve used in some of the strings that are causing the issue.

You could try using single quotes ' or just omitting them so they’re like the English version.

Okay thanks, but that doesn’t explain why I translate ‘Show tour!’ to ‘Rondleiding’ that the link doesn’t work anymore.

And we’ve noticed in the English version that there are " double quotes in the file, so how does that work?

In that case, did you get your mo file from Launchpad? Or did you generate it with some other software?

Hello Alex,

We checked the mo file for double quotes, now the layout tour and welcome help are available again. We will continue to translate the Dutch file with poedit, and put it back in Launchpad as soon as a considerable amount has been translated.


OK I’m glad that’s working, but I’m not clear if the MO file came from Launchpad or poedit? I wonder if there’s a difference between the way the two produce the translation?

Is it possible to translate or rename the “Modules”?

I believe you can translate the names of the widgets shown to the customer, but the actual module names are hardcoded as they form part of the system itself.

Users in general shouldn’t need to interact with the Modules page of the CMS.

Okay thanks, and do you know where I can find the name of the widgets, because I can’t find them in the translation file.

Everything that can currently be translated should be there in Launchpad. If it’s missing, then we’d need to get a bug logged to make it translatable.

Searching for the module names seemed to show them in the list of translations for me, but I didn’t try every single module. Which ones specifically don’t translate?

I can’t translate every widget, because the widget names are not in the translate file. I can find “Clock” but I think that it’s not the name of the widget

I’ve logged it here so one of our devs can take a look.

Thanks Alex than I’ll wait and see what the devs can do with it

When I go to “Schedule” then I can click on “Show All” but I can’t find “Show All” to translate.