Transitions for all content


I was just wondering if something like this is currently possible. We have a lot of images in a region and we now use the transitions to make it look nicer, but individually setting the In and Out transitions on all the media is quite time consuming.

I know there’s a region transtition which allows exit transtitions once the media has finished. Is there a way to set the In and Out transtitions to a specific setting for all content in that one region? For example, In transition to Fade In at 1500 milliseconds and Fade Out at 1500 milliseconds?

Or if you have any alternatives to this, I’m open to suggestions.


We have included Default Transitions in our 2.2 version which can be found from the Administration > Settings page.

We have released a development preview, further details can be found here: Blog - 2.2.0 rc1 Released

Thank you

Hi Natasha,

That’s great, exactly what I am after.

Many thanks,