Transition effects

Hi guys,
have we got transition effect on 1.8?
I mean Windows client.

Many thanks!

No. The Windows Player remains .NET Windows Forms based and so transitions are impossible in that architecture.

Until we get a working “next generation” Player for Windows, that can’t change.

Thanks Alex.
I wish we could have those effects.
Effects would improve the gap between the media items and will help to look much nicer.

To Alex: Are there any updates for date release of a new windows player with transition effects support?

These effects are necessary and will move Xibo one step above other competitors. It is very time consuming to prepare flash animations (in Adobe Animation), where you can do this effects and use “goto start” command, so everything is smooth.

Thank you.

When there are any new features released, they are documented in the release notes, and if significant (like a whole new class of Player), they are publicised on the blog and on our social media. Those are the avenues you would need to check.

Is there any way to get around the screen blackout on windows when the file ends? With no transition it gives a black screen for half a second while the next video comes in.

The brief black screen when a file ends cannot be removed as this is the time taken by the device to load the next media item.

You can however change the background colour of the Layout, which will change the colour of the brief loading time between media. This does not resolve the issue but may help to make the loading period less obvious.

Many Thanks.